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Accumuli Case study

IT security and risk management specialist Accumuli Security, was expanding aggressively, eventually reaching revenues of nearly £30m pa and acquiring 9 companies along the way.
  • Some points to note about Accumuli. Over 170 staff, 7 UK offices, and revenues approaching £30million
  • On Accumuli’s 1200+ customer base: largely made up of enterprise and mid market organisations across the UK with 97% retention rates.
  • From strategy to implementation SHC delivered one great website, embodying the newly defined value proposition in 300+ new pages of content

Clear Proposition & ROI

The company had a number of challenges:

  • Fast growth meant there was no organization-wide proposition and solution messaging, restricting cross selling of products and driving a need for clarity in the marketplace
  • The company had a vast existing base of customers to sell to, but only interacted with a small proportion of them
  • Many customers did not understand the breadth and value of Accumuli’s offerings
  • To continue growing Accumuli needed to position itself as a leader in its field and look like a '£100m company'


There was another problem. The CEO was uncomfortable with the level of ROI coming out of marketing and aware of the skills needed to support the continued growth of the business. To address this the company decided to bring in SHC to own and drive marketing across the organization.

Management & Delivery

The SHC team got to grips with Accumuli’s main technology offerings and services. We conducted a business and competitor review, built a marketing strategy that focused on delivery of a clear value proposition, sales training and enablement around it, an action plan to support an improved customer intimacy strategy, and market intelligence for trend tracking and management reporting purposes. 

Day to day

Strategy and value proposition in place our delivery activities included:

  • Content and tools (including a whiteboard strategy) to sales enable Accumuli’s 170 strong workforce 
  • Channel programmes to support the Signify and RandomStorm businesses 
  • Monthly content/customer education programme across four technology segments
  • Driving market awareness creating a new 300+ page fully on message website incorporating a comprehensive resource and learning centre
  • Lead generation/events, PR, Internal communications and integration of company acquisitions
  • Sharon Hedges operated as Accumuli Marketing Director, inputting to company strategy

Value Added

SHC listened to the business and marketing challenges faced and applied experience, understanding and empathy driving trust among senior management that real business value could and would be delivered by marketing, changing prior perceptions.  We became fully embedded within the business and part of the Accumuli management team.

We removed the pain of producing educational content required to support the organisation’s customer intimacy strategy, covering 95% of the work previously done by skilled senior technical personnel, freeing them up to focus on high value tasks.

We committed and we delivered using straight talking business language, and stopped marketing being the thing that kept senior management awake at night!


A team of marketing experts focused on B2B and Consumer (B2B2C) markets. We build customer partnerships that challenge and enhance the effectiveness of marketing output, based on our experience of what works and what does not.


If you are a freelance consultant with strengths in marketing or sales strategy, business proposition development, marketing communication or channel marketing programme delivery please get in touch, we would love to talk to you!