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Sharon Hedges

Sharon’s career began with the building of the marketing communications function within tech start up FORE Systems (later acquired by Marconi) moving on to the running of EMEA marketing and PR within RSA Security.  She built skills across marketing strategy, communications & PR, public affairs, business development, brand building, channel marketing and new customer acquisition before heading off to start building the SHC business.  Freelancing at first, Sharon overhauled and re-launched a museum collection to the general public and created and rolled out marketing strategies and programmes for organisations within the real-estate, heritage, telecoms, IT and media sectors.

Since 2010 and the joining of Mike Lovell as partner and Commercial Director at SHC, Sharon has worked with organisations such as JET petrol stations, secure mobile app solution provider Excitor, networking business Convergence Group, and Accumuli Security (recently acquired by NCC Group), among others, where required taking on the role of outsourced Marketing Director/department and working as part of the management team, helping drive business strategy.


A team of marketing experts focused on B2B and Consumer (B2B2C) markets. We build customer partnerships that challenge and enhance the effectiveness of marketing output, based on our experience of what works and what does not.


If you are a freelance consultant with strengths in marketing or sales strategy, business proposition development, marketing communication or channel marketing programme delivery please get in touch, we would love to talk to you!