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We are looking for help – Technical Marketing Content Writer

SHC is a growing marketing service provider for organisations in the technology sector, where we deliver full or partial outsourcing of an organisation's marketing function.  The goal is to help enhance the effectiveness of marketing strategies, programmes and budgets, leveraging our team of seasoned pro’s! 

To support our growing customer base we are looking to find content writers to join our team who have… 

  • Experience and knowledge of IT and technology sectors (e.g. networking , security and software generically), but who also have the ability to work on other topics areas (Tax and Oil industries for example).
  • The ability to independently work with clients to draw out information about the business/offerings, and have the ability to be able to develop detailed technology arguments around identified business challenges.
  • The ability to develop thought leadership white papers and the like, leveraging customer input and conducting independent market research to develop customer aligned arguments.


Working practices – We are happy for people to work from home, although we would need people to attend customer offices on a regular basis (this may only need to be 2 or 3 days a month).

Geography - Not important as long as people have the ability to travel to customers in either the south east, the Midlands or Manchester/ Leeds areas.

If this sounds interesting, or you would like more information - give us a call on 01451 844 443 or email Mike Lovell at


A team of marketing experts focused on B2B and Consumer (B2B2C) markets. We build customer partnerships that challenge and enhance the effectiveness of marketing output, based on our experience of what works and what does not.


If you are a freelance consultant with strengths in marketing or sales strategy, business proposition development, marketing communication or channel marketing programme delivery please get in touch, we would love to talk to you!