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SHC supports Wendy the Wagon on her journey to Mongolia

The Mongol Rally, a 12000-mile journey through 24 countries traversing mountain ranges, deserts and potential war zones, in aid of charity, takes place every summer. It is both a challenge and an adventure, two of the things we love the most at SHC.  

Participants are required to drive the ‘shittiest rolling turd of a car you can find’ with an engine of no more than 1000cc! Our good friend Kit Day and his two mates did exactly that having found Wendy the Wagon by chance in Stoke on Trent for £700 and spending 2 months refitting her to make her roadworthy. They have just returned - not so fresh - from their trip of a lifetime.

It was all in aid of a good cause – well two actually - The Teenage Cancer Trust and Cool Earth.  And so we sponsored their journey with pride. Take a look at the pics below. The team raised almost £2500 for the two charities combined – the trip was a serious achievement on every level.

Over lunch in Oxford (go to Coco or the Kazbar next door – The Cowley Road, both are fab), Kit retold some highly amusing stories including the total annihilation of brake discs, the loss of both back wheels 100km from the nearest town and how trusting that all would be well, having 20 dollars in your pocket and relying on good local welders would see them through.

Belief and resilience can take you a very long way!  Well done chaps ☺


The boys are still raising money so for anyone who would like to support them, please do so at: 

Teenage Cancer Trust - a cancer care and support charity in the UK that exists to improve the cancer experience of young people aged 13–24 and

Cool Earth  -  a UK-based international NGO that protects endangered rainforests in order to combat global warming, protect ecosystem and to provide employment for local people.

For any readers longing for adventure take a look at both Wendy the Wagon facebook page and the highly entertaining summary on 


Some snippets & pics from Wendy’s blog…

Aug 13th - ‘Cruising through Uz to join the M-41, the start of the Pamir highway with minimal issues..besides not having any spare wheels, the headlights barely working, suspension that wouldn’t be fit for a bicycle and one or two dodgy stomachs after risking one too many kebabs’.


Pamir Highway


Aug 23rd - ‘We’ve just realized we’ve driven 100km without a brake pad…the brake disc and cylinder have completely disintegrated.  Brake fluid all over my trousers and a leak in both the transmission oil and differential oil.  So…everything is going well then.  – pic of car with Tom.

Aug 30th - ‘Against all the odds, we have made it too Mongolia! And are one day from U B.  It hasn’t been the smoothest of journeys through M, breaking our remaining suspension, breaking the sump guard, and coming mm from rolling the car while doing a sick handbreak turn.’


Sept 3rd – Wendy the Wagon crossed the finish line – both car and all three drivers intact. 






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